Mr J.N. Panazol, Director of the ESENESR and Mr Khalil Mahshi, Director of IIEP. ©IIEP

Agreement signed between ESENESR and IIEP

A partnership to pool expertise networks

On 17 February, IIEP and the French National College for Education Management, Higher Education and Research (École supérieure de l’Éducation nationale, de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche ESENESR) signed a cooperation agreement.

The ESENESR is an organisation with a nationwide jurisdiction attached to the department of managerial staff of the Ministry of Education and is responsible for designing, leading, and implementing the pre-service and in-service training of staff involved in the management of education. It also organizes seminars and ongoing training courses for managers of higher education and research institutions.

As part of this partnership, ESENESR and IIEP will:

  • develop activities and collaborate on projects within the framework of European and international programmes;
  • cooperate on research on key topics of concern to the two institutions (governance, evaluation, planning, management of educational systems, etc.);
    organize seminars and symposia;
  • pool expertise networks and connect experts from both institutions;
  • promote cooperation between library services and share resources;
  • conduct exchanges between IIEP trainees and those of ESENESR, in partnership with academies.

The participants of the 49th IIEP Advanced Training Programme (ATP) attended the signing ceremony, where the agreement was signed by Mr J.N. Panazol, Director of the ESENESR and Mr Khalil Mahshi, Director of IIEP. The ATP study visit in France (an annual activity organized in cooperation with the French National Commission for UNESCO) commenced with this ceremony and will continue this year in the Academy of Nancy-Metz.