Guidelines for Capacity Development in Education Policy Planning and Resource Management

New UNESCO/IIEP publication just released!

These Guidelines were jointly designed by IIEP and the Division for Teacher Development and Higher Education (THE), formerly known as the Division for Planning and Development of Education Systems) in the Education Sector.

Programmes to strengthen the capacity of the education sector have not always succeeded in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public institutions, including education ministries. This document is intended to fulfil the strategic objectives and to meet the demand on the ground. The Guidelines provide useful methodologies, techniques, and tools for education policy analysis, sector diagnosis, planning, and costing and financing.  

The Guidelines are led by the two guiding principles:

  1. The Guidelines are intended to facilitate internal capacity development
  2. The Guidelines aim to strengthen our internal and external strategic partnerships

During this biennium, the Division for Teacher Development and Higher Education (ED/THE) and IIEP will jointly support and facilitate the use of the Guidelines by the Education Staff in the field who are engaged in delivering education programmes in a wide array of complex national contexts and challenges.

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(French version available here)

For more information, please contact Head of Technical Assistance Unit at IIEP, Anton de Grauwe and Programme Specialists at ED/THE/TEP, Megumi Watanabe and Nyi Nyi Thaung