Argentina: “Nations with greater equity are those that invest in education”

17 January 2023


Rosana Cielo Linares, Under-Secretary of Education for Misiones, Argentina

Rosana Cielo Linares is the Under-Secretary of Education for Misiones, Argentina. As an active participant of the RED – the Network of Education Policy Specialists in Latin America), she makes the case for education. 

International Education Day is important because it establishes a common global issue on public agendas. We need to discuss education today, and we need to do it in a way that is based on dialogue, to challenge positions that propose linear or even extremist perspectives. Focusing on the education systems –especially with an eye on schools and classrooms– we need to build powerful pedagogical knowledge that encourages us to plan and move forward with fair proposals for quality education.

In my role as Under-Secretary of Education, I must ensure that public policy projects can be developed without short-term blockages. At the same time, I must ensure that the activities which teachers and students are invited to respond to the objectives of educational justice and human advancement, and that those who make up the collective of education specialists generate authentic spaces for the collaborative construction of pedagogical knowledge. 

The world needs to invest in education because development, growth, and knowledge production determine areas of social justice. 

Nations with greater equity and social inclusion are those that invest in and create more powerful education systems. 

The processes of economic, social, and cultural expansion are directly related to the models of schools that these societies foster.