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10 December 2019

IIEP is pleased to share its new publications website. Featuring a new design and improved functionalities to meet user needs, its new interface will help facilitate easier navigation and access to the Institute’s resources.

New features include: 

  • A homepage highlighting a selection of different titles, by publication date or by theme, for example; 
  • Simplified access to publications: each book can be downloaded free of charge in just a few clicks or ordered in paper format (for a selection) by sending an email - it is no longer necessary to create an account;
  • Presentation sheets;
  • Publication themes, from the economics of education to reducing disparities, governance and transparency, and suggestions for related titles;
  • An advanced search allowing you to browse our collection by author, year, geographical area, and language.

The site offers more than 1300 publications available in 35 languages. 

Since 1963, IIEP publications have played a key role in disseminating new concepts, methods, and techniques in educational planning. The Institute produces a wide range of resources to support decision-making and provide policy recommendations that respond to the specific priorities of decision-makers. You can find emblematic collections such as Principles of Educational Planning and many tools, case studies, policy notes, and technical guides, based on the Institute's work and research, as well as on external collaborations and projects.

We invite you to visit the website regularly  and subscribe to our e-alert to be informed of our new publications, such as the upcoming books:


Feel free to contact us for any questions or comments and please share the site with others in your network.