Crisis-sensitive planning: launch of the PEIC-IIEP Project

25 November 2013
A policy, research, and advocacy programme


Mieux planifier face aux crises : lancement du projet PEIC-IIPE
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Mieux planifier face aux crises : lancement du projet PEIC-IIPE
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Mieux planifier face aux crises : lancement du projet PEIC-IIPE

The first major planning meeting to launch the PEIC-IIEP project ‘Crisis-sensitive Education Sector Policy-making, Planning, and Curricula: a Capacity Development programme’ took place from 26 to 28 November 2013.

Senior advisers Margaret Sinclair and Uzma Anzar from the Protect Education from Insecurity and Conflict Programme (PEIC) in Qatar, attended the meeting, which was held at IIEP. PEIC is a policy, research and advocacy programme of the Education Above All Foundation (EAA). It works to develop, promote, and protect the right to education in times of crisis, insecurity, and conflict.

The PEIC-IIEP project builds on existing partnerships with interested agencies on the topic of crisis-sensitive planning and curricula. The project will be conducted in close collaboration with the UNESCO International Bureau of Education (IBE), which will support the curriculum development component. 

The planning meeting outlined the concrete steps that the project will make towards better supporting countries affected by conflicts or crises to integrate conflict and disaster risk reduction strategies into their education systems. The first of these steps will be to conduct a review of key planning and curriculum initiatives by ministries and development partners. This will focus on tools, resources, and initiatives that demonstrate good practice in the field of crisis-sensitive planning and curricula. 

The review will inform the development of a resource kit for implementation at country level. This will comprise policy booklets, step by step guides for planners and curriculum developers, training materials including distance courses, an online repository of resources, and good practice case studies.

The findings from the review will be presented at the CIES annual conference 10–15 March 2014, in Toronto, Canada.