Debate: How does private schooling growth affect the public system and educational equity? Research evidence from Nepal

14 September 2017

The substantial growth in private schools in developing Asia and Africa has heightened the global significance of long-running debates on the role of private provision in providing education for all. It also raises the question of whether increased choice or competition improves or worsens existing education systems. Despite the research and policy importance of these discussions, there is little systematic, empirical evidence on public schools' experiences with private sector growth, and parent's choices in their local settings, especially in lower income countries. 

This presentation focuses on Priya Joshi's research, which analyzed the consequences of private sector growth for the public sector, parental choice, and system wide equity in Nepal. The analysis included extensive quantitative and qualitative data collection in the country, the development of new frameworks and measures of competition, and in-depth exploration of education officials’ experiences in a politically charged environment. 

Priya Joshi will discuss the key findings from the work. The focus of the debate will be on the global lessons that can be drawn from the case study, especially for equity implications and policy recommendations

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  • Speaker: Priyadarshani Joshi, researcher at the Global Education Monitoring Report (view her presentation here).
  • Discussant: Claire Galante, Project Manager at Agence Française de Développement
  • Moderator: Michaela Martin, Programme Specialist at IIEP-UNESCO

Wednesday, 4 October 2017, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
IIEP – Auditorium
Contact: 01 45 03 77 52

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Addressing inequities in education is a global imperative. The 2016 Education Commission Report highlights the inequities of educational access and learning outcomes, while the SDG 4 targets require progress in reducing inequities across geographic units, gender, ability groups, and within crisis-affected settings.

Beyond diagnosis and monitoring, what does research tell us about effective strategies to enhance equity and equality of opportunity in education? IIEP’s 2017 Strategic Debate series will explore this question from several perspectives, pushing us to go beyond understanding the nature of the problem to explore what can be, and is being, done, particularly through education policy and planning.