Education Leadership Seminar: Apply by 30 January 2024

04 December 2023

When it comes to defining and leading strategies to transform education, strong leadership skills are paramount. Over several weeks in March and April 2024, high-level education policy-makers and planners will have a new opportunity to come together with IIEP-UNESCO and other international experts for an Educational Leadership Seminar.

Apply by 30 January 2024

A pioneering, hybrid initiative

Decision-makers responsible for transforming education systems around the world face complex policy environments shaped by new technologies, shifting governance models, decentralization, and many other factors. To effectively navigate complex and uncertain landscapes, decision-makers need advanced leadership skills, competencies, and processes to design education policies and plans that effectively reach schools and drive impactful change.

Planning for educational progress hinges on strong leaders. Join this new Education Leadership Seminar to enhance your capacities to lead and implement with impact.

Key features

Module 1: Online exploration and a school visit

18 March – 19 April (self-paced)

  • Dive into the key topics and discussions (in English) on how to lead – and plan – with impact.
  • Discover various leadership styles and the dimensions of implementation strategies.
  • Select and analyze a school policy from your education system and undertake a school visit to reflect on the policy-practice gap present in the policy.

Module 2: In-person immersion at IIEP-UNESCO in Paris, France

22 April – 26 April

  • Engage in discussions with other education leaders and international experts and understand the practice of education leadership.
  • Understand the various dimensions of leadership in the design, stakeholder engagement, context, and implementation of education policies and plans.

The Seminar will use five learning modalities: individual study, interaction with international experts, leadership skills sessions, practice sessions, and teamwork sessions based on a case study.

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All future IIEP-UNESCO training courses and programmes will accumulate IIEP credits, a new system being launched as part of the IIEP-UNESCO Global Campus.