Training Programmes Manager at IIEP-UNESCO Dakar

Ms. Therrezinha FERNANDES KINKIN has been the Training Programmes Manager at IIEP-UNESCO Dakar since 2015.

As such, she is in charge of supervising and coordinating the design, development and deployment of IIEP-UNESCO Dakar's training programmes, whether they are long, short, distance or face-to-face, tailor-made or on-demand. She is also the administrator of IIEP-UNESCO Dakar's flagship course: Politiques sectorielles et gestion des systèmes éducatifs or PSGSE (in English: Sector Policy and Education System Management). 

In recent years, she has supervised and contributed to the development and implementation of training in TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) and gender responsive planning in collaboration with the technical experts in the field of the Office. She also contributes to the development of technical and financial partnerships in training and other capacity-building activities, in collaboration with IIEP's decision-making bodies.

Previously, for more than 15 years, she held various positions in the fields of information technology and education in various structures, mainly in Africa and Canada. These included lecturer at Laval University, consultant for the International Telecommunication Union of the United Nations, programme officer, programme manager, and Head of the Regional Office of the African Virtual University.