Graduate employment and planning of higher education in Poland

Sanyal, Bikas C.; Jozefowicz, Adam
308 p.
Tertiary education
Tertiary education

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This study analyses the relationship between higher education and employment in the particular context of Poland. Firstly it discusses the socio-economic framework of the country and the basis on which the human resource development sub-system is operating as part of the overall socio-economic system. It is followed by the methodology of matching the supply and demand for manpower to cope with the needs of socio-economic development. It then describes the development of higher education, relating it to the overall development strategy during the last three decades, identifies some of the present shortcomings and outlines the future development strategy for the higher education system. The book also deals with certain aspects of the internal operation of the system, such as the flow from secondary to tertiary education and the part played by student attitudes in this flow, the functioning of the higher education system as perceived by the students and their expectations about the word of work. The research then considers some general problems related to the professional careers of graduates, such as the relevance of the higher education received for the needs of the job. Finally, the authors draw conclusions for policy in higher education and employment in a non-market system.