How system strengthening can help every child flourish: A short video with Sara Ruto

27 July 2023

Meet Sara Ruto, the former Chief Administrative Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Kenya, and former CEO of the PAL Network, a South-South network of organizations in Africa, South Asia and Central America working to promote foundational literacy and numeracy. She is also a member of the IIEP Governing Board. 

She steadfastly believes that when education systems are strong, every single learner can be reached, irrespective of their circumstances. Watch this short video to learn more about her vision and how educational planning must keep pace with the complexities of today’s world.  

"Perhaps one of the most important things that IIEP does is to give a sense of belief to these education technical experts who are then able to go and do what they are supposed to do. And I think that is a very important thing, investing in the person so that the person can improve the education system of their country.”


With thanks to the PAL Network for the production of this video for the IIEP's 60th Anniversary.