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The IIEP Visiting Researcher Programme offers researchers from all over the world the opportunity to enhance their professional skills and develop their careers by learning more about various theoretical, methodological, and practical aspects of educational planning and management, while contributing to the Institute's research and training activities.

They work closely with IIEP staff members to develop new lines of research, strengthen ongoing research, and explore new opportunities for research collaboration and partnerships. They also help design, review and deliver training activities led by the Institute, thus bringing in an external perspective.

Applications for 2024 are currently closed

Applications for 2025 will open in September 2024, stay tuned !


Nature of the programme

This intensive programme involves in-depth work on a specific theme, undertaken under the supervision of one or more specialists appointed by the IIEP. The themes of research must be chosen in such a way as to allow fruitful interaction with the Institute's six thematic priorities. All or part of the research carried out by the visiting researcher may, under certain conditions, be published by IIEP.

The theme of the research must be approved in advance by the Institute. It may, however, be modified by mutual agreement after arrival at the Institute.

Participant profile

Given the limited number of places in this programme, only a few top-level researchers will be invited to take part each year. These visiting researchers may be:

  • Qualified individuals capable of conducting independent research, including internationally renowned professors who come on sabbatical to make a broad and versatile contribution to IIEP's research programme;
  • National researchers or researchers working in international agencies or specialized institutions, whose research objectives focus on specific themes in educational planning and administration around the world;
  • Members of national research teams who participate in IIEP projects in their own countries, or specialists who assist staff members in carrying out their research programmes.

Training and experience

Admission to the Visiting Researchers Programme will be based on the level of qualification of applicants, as well as their experience in the field of educational planning and administration, the nature of their responsibilities in the position held, the proposed theme of research, and their ability to contribute to the Institute's research activities.

This implies that:

  • he/she holds a PhD;
  • he/she is active in a given discipline of the humanities or social sciences;
  • he/she has research experience in the field of educational planning and administration;
  • he/she has already published several articles and books in this field.

Applicants may be early-career researchers who have just obtained their doctorate, mid-career researchers, or established academics.

Applicants must be fluent in English, French, or Spanish. They may be asked to provide proof of fluency in their chosen working language if it is not their mother tongue.

Programme duration and location

Visiting researchers generally spend from one to six months at IIEP's premises at 7-9 rue Eugène Delacroix in Paris, France. In exceptional cases, this period may be extended.

Admission formalities

  • Application for admission must be made via the form available on the IIEP website. Applicants must specify their objectives, demonstrate how the stay will benefit them at this particular stage of their career, and provide information on their studies, professional background and current employment. They should also specify the proposed duration and dates of their stay.
  • Summary of research project: Applicants should attach a brief outline of what they propose to research at IIEP, and justify the link with the Institute's six thematic priorities. They must ensure that their proposed research project meets high ethical standards.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are examined by the IIEP Director and Selection Committee in March and September of each year. The researcher's stay at the Institute will begin at least one month after receipt of the admission letter.

Working conditions

Visiting researchers are expected to devote all their time to their research work for the duration of their stay at the Institute, as defined in their letter of admission, and in accordance with the Institute's working hours.

Visiting researchers are encouraged to bring their own laptop.

Visiting researchers have access to the Institute's library, which holds a vast collection of specialized documents on educational planning and administration.

The Institute is not in a position to provide accommodation for visiting researchers during their stay in Paris, nor to assist them in finding accommodation or obtaining visas.

Funding and administration

The applicant (or the sponsoring institution) is responsible for covering travel and accommodation costs, or for obtaining a suitable grant, for example from national, bilateral, or multilateral funding agencies. 

The application must specify how travel and subsistence expenses will be paid, and what insurance cover the applicant has (health, risk, etc.). In case of admission, the applicant will need to provide a copy of the first page of his/her passport as well as of his/her insurance coverage.


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