IIEP seminar brings national and regional training institutions together for stronger educational planning and management capacities

27 May 2019

Education officials from 17 countries are gathering this week at IIEP-UNESCO in Paris, France for a seminar on enhancing the quality, relevance, and reach of national training institutions that focus on educational planning and management. 

Over three days, from 27-29 May 2019, representatives of both training centres and ministries of education will participate in plenary and group discussions on how to better leverage national training capacities to respond to both national challenges and the demands of the fourth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 4). 

The seminar, which included a two-week online introductory phase, also aims to promote cooperation between institutions worldwide and the sharing of best practices in delivering high quality training. 

Developing the capacities of national training institutions is a key focus area of IIEP’s strategy to support countries in building strong and self-reliant education systems. IIEP is currently working with national training institutes in Cambodia, Afghanistan and Senegal. 

A high quality training offer in-country can help ensure that generations of planners and managers have the relevant skills to both respond to the changing demands of education systems and achieve national policies and reforms. In-country training offers also offer greater flexibility in terms of language, access, and content that is tailored to the specific needs of a country. This is increasingly important as the decentralization of education puts new emphasis on strong planning and management skills at sub-national levels. Such training can also contribute to a country’s efforts in preparing a sound education sector plan, which is key to obtaining both internal and international funding. 

During the seminar, participants will explore a range of issues related to leveraging the impact of in-country training. Specific objectives will include: 

  • To reflect on the knowledge and skills planners need to respond to national challenges and international goals, specifically the Education 2030 Agenda; 
  • To examine the various set-up arrangements for a training providers and level of autonomy; 
  • To identify strategies, tools, and resources to improve the quality and relevance of training; 
  • To discuss different training modalities, including e-Learning, to expand the reach of EPM training;
  • To identify potential areas for cooperation and networking with other national training providers. 

Countries participating in this seminar include: Afghanistan, Cambodia, China, France, Ghana, Guinea, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Lao PDR, Madagascar, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, United Arab Emirates, and Viet Nam.