Improving school financing: the use and usefulness of school grants: Haiti

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Global Partnership for Education
IIEP research brief
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School grants are funds transferred to schools by the central government. The aim of this transfer is to increase schools' autonomy, allowing them to spend their resources in accordance with their needs. IIEP conducted a study to examine how grants policy in Haiti is devised and implemented. Field research in Haiti between November 2015 and February 2016 was carried out in 15 public and non-public primary schools in three school districts under the Direction départementale de l'Ouest (the West Department Directorate). On average, five interviews were conducted in each school, on an individual basis, with the founding heads, the heads of teaching, and members of the school management boards (CGE). Further interviews were held on an individual basis with the principal inspectors of the three School District Offices, with the West Department Director of Education, and in groups with teachers, pupils, and parents. Students at the 'Ti Jaden Madeleine' school in Haiti. Photo credit: Marguerite Emeran ColombesInternational Institutef