Improving school financing: the use and usefulness of school grants: lessons from Vanuatu

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United Nations Children's Fund
IIEP research brief
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About the publication

IIEP conducted research in Vanuatu in 2013 on the use and usefulness of the country's school grants policy. 'School grants' are grants transferred from the central government to schools as part of a system-wide approach. Grant funds must arrive at the school level as financial, rather than material resources, and schools must have some autonomy to make spending decisions. Through a series of interviews of education authorities, heads of schools, teachers, parents, pupils, and others, and 14 school visits, the research analysed the design and implementation of the school grants policy. This research was carried out by the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with UNICEF's office in Vanuatu, under the overall coordination of IIEP-UNESCO and UNICEF's East Asia and Pacific Regional Office (EAPRO).