IIEP's organisation

IIEP’s most important resource is a qualified team of committed professionals

IIEP staff are as diverse as the countries IIEP serves, and represent a wide range of nationalities, backgrounds, and interests including economists, sociologists, statisticians, demographers, experts in educational technology, and policy analysts and planners, working together to serve and to strengthen education systems through training and research programmes.

If you are interested in joining IIEP please visit our Career opportunities.

IIEP Paris

Director’s office
Contact: info@iiep.unesco.org

Training unit
Contact: tep@iiep.unesco.org

Technical cooperation
Contact: tcmb@iiep.unesco.org

Contact: Project-ResearchandDevelopment@iiep.unesco.org

Contact: admweb@iiep.unesco.org

Information Services
Contact: info@iiep.unesco.org

IIEP Buenos Aires

Contact: contacto@iiep.unesco.org

IIEP-Pôle de Dakar

Contact: contact@iipe-poledakar.org