Integrating the educational plan into the economic and social plan: some aspects of French and Soviet experience

Poignant, Raymond
English, French
IIEP Occasional Papers, 28
29 p.

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This paper describes and compares the processes of economic and social planning in France and the USSR with particular emphasis on national educational planning and how it relates to the overall economic plan. Chapter 1 focuses on various aspects of integrating the educational plan into the overall social and economic plan, with particular attention to (1) the major functions of the central planning bodies and (2) the development of the educational system and the fundamental balances of the plan. Chapter 2 focuses on relationships between the characteristics and qualifications of the active population and the development of technical vocational training. Particular attention is devoted to (1) the relationships between employment planning and the development of specialists training in the USSR and (2) employment projection in France and the tendency toward second- and third-level technical studies. Chapter 3 focuses on political and administrative aspects of school and university planning, with particular attention to (1) the predominance of political decision-making authority and (2) the distribution of authority between the central planning bodies and the ministries responsible for educational planning (from ERIC database)