Investment in Indian education: size, sources and effectiveness

Pandit, Hirday Nath
IIEP Occasional Papers, 43
83 p.

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This study discusses investment in the Indian educational system with respect to measuring methods of its size, sources and effectiveness. The multi-source system of financing of education shows this sector has become a very important enterprise in the socio-economic life of the country, generating economic and non economic effects. The growth of aggregate expenditure on education one the one hand changes in the participation rates of the central and State governments in its financing on the other hand, have been analysed in a historical prospective. Subsequently, an estimation has been made of the ressources cost of the educational system during the three five-year plans at current and constant prices. An attempt has been made to identify social, institutional and private unit costs of education. And finally, the major trends emerging out of the studies on investement effectiveness have been used to evaluate the allocation of resources during the fourth and fifth plans.