Making schools a safe place - how to prevent school violence and bullying?

17 February 2020

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International statistics report that one in three students is regularly bullied by his/her peers at school. School violence is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon. It includes physical, psychological and sexual violence between peers including bullying and cyber-bullying, as well as violence perpetrated by teachers. School violence and bullying have major consequences: they strongly affect student learning and can lead to absenteeism, dropout, depression and suicide. 

The latest IIEP Strategic Debate intended to take stock of what is known in terms of international and national trends and existing causes. It focused on how to prevent school violence and the respective responsibilities of political leaders, education actors (Ministries of Education, inspectorates, heads of schools, parents, teachers), but also civil society organizations.  


  • Imanne Agha, Chargée de mission "Violence et prévention à l’école", French Ministry of Education
  • Christophe Cornu, Team Leader, Section of Health and Education, UNESCO 
  • Sebastien Tavergne, Head of school, Lycée Le Corbusier (Cormeilles-en-Parisis / Académie de Versailles) 

Michaela Martin, Programme Specialist at IIEP-UNESCO, moderated the debate.



When: Tuesday, 3 March 2020
4pm – 6pm (CET)

Where: IIEP-UNESCO auditorium
7-9 rue Eugene Delacroix, 75116 Paris

This event is conducted in French, with simultaneous interpretation in English. The Debate is followed by a cocktail at 6 pm. 

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