Meet former IIEP trainees

10 November 2016

For over five decades, educational planners and managers from all corners of the world have come to IIEP to receive top-notch training on the fundamental practical and theoretical skills needed to build robust, quality education systems. Many trainees have gone on to become leaders in their sector, shaping education sector plans and overseeing their proper implementation and monitoring. Moving into the Education 2030 agenda, here are some recent IIEP trainees reflecting on some of their highlights and hopes as they return to professional life.


Hyacinth Bramble-Browne, Montserrat, Vice principal of the Montserrat Secondary School


Hailing from the Caribbean island of Montserrat, Hyacinth Bramble-Browne was the 2015-2016 President of the IIEP Trainees’ Association. Her capstone project analyzed the performance of grade 11 students in mathematics from Montserrat. She says quality tops the agenda for her country and that following IIEP training she will be in a better position to orient her career towards the achievement of this goal.


Othman Omar Othman, Zanzibar, Head of Division Policy at Department of Planning, Policy and Research, Ministry of Education


Othman Omar Othman reflects on the practical and theoretical skills he learned during the online and residential phase at IIEP in Paris (2015-2016). During the graduation ceremony in July 2016, Othman said that he’ll no longer refer to himself as just a planner, but a professional planner. The new knowledge he acquired will help him in his work to plan for equitable access to quality education, which is the main objective for his country’s sector planning.