Monitoring and Evaluating the Quality of Education with Mioko Saito

04 February 2019


Trainees during a group session during the Specialized Courses Programme at IIEP-UNESCO in Paris, France.

This May, interested applicants can register for the two-week intensive course on quantitative methods for monitoring and evaluating the quality of education. IIEP’s Mioko Saito, who is an expert in assessment processes, will lead the course. She explains here what prospective trainees can expect from this course. 

What are the main components of this course?

This course is organized around two main areas. First, participants will review different types of learning assessments in order to evaluate what types of assessments are most appropriate and feasible, while taking into account different country contexts. They will also spend time learning how to analyze learning assessment data together with the background information of a fictitious country in order to experience the process of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) within the planning purposes. 

Why is this course especially relevant today?

This course will help participants to monitor, evaluate, and make informed decisions about resource allocations and educational practices to achieve effective learning and gender equality, as required by many of the SDG4 indicators.

Can you describe what a typical day in your course may look like?

This course will use a number of different teaching techniques including individual readings, self-assessment through a related quiz, forum discussions on certain themes, as well as role-play to debate learning achievements in a fictitious country. Credits, which could be later applied to the Advanced Training Programme, for example, will be awarded to those who succeed in the individual assignments and the open-book test.

Interested in joining this course? Read more about it and apply here.