More effective use of learning assessment data. How do we get there?

07 March 2023


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A young student boy holds his pencils and smiles at the camera while sitting at his desk in primary school.

There’s no shortage of learning assessment data. However, the data is not always maximized in the educational planning cycle. Drawing on a major IIEP-UNESCO research study, an upcoming webinar will share promising ways to use learning data in more effective and sustainable ways for planning and policy-making

The webinar will explore various factors affecting the use of learning data, including the role of national regulatory frameworks, data dissemination modalities, capacity strengthening, as well as the influence and dynamics of international and national partners. 

This interactive webinar will also open the floor to participants so they can share their experiences and challenges linked to the use of learning data in their respective countries. 

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28 March 2023
11am Paris time (check your time zone)


This webinar will be hosted in English and French.


Ieva Raudonytė, Education Research, UNICEF Innocenti – Global Office of Research and Foresight, Education Researcher - READ (Research on Education and Development)


Stéphanie Leite, Programme Specialist in the Training and Education Programme team, IIEP-UNESCO

This webinar is featured as a special component of the current IIEP-UNESCO short online course on using learning assessment data to monitor progress of the fourth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 4).

More about our speaker

Ieva Raudonytė is an education researcher with the UNICEF Innocenti – Global Office of Research and Foresight working on the Data Must Speak (DMS) Positive Deviance research. Prior to this, she was an Associate Research Officer in the IIEP-UNESCO Research and Development team, where she contributed to research activities related to the theme of teaching and learning.  She coordinated the IIEP research programme on the use of learning assessment data and contributed to IIEP’s Learning Portal activities.