Sector analysis, cost and financing, simulation models, policy dialogue, national education accounts, ECD, statistical tools and methodological development

Jean Claude Ndabananiye is an education policy analyst working mainly on issues related to education finance and education policy in the context of developing countries. His current work focuses on technical support and policy dialogue with partnering countries. He also intervenes in the areas of research and training.

As a policy analyst, Claude works closely with countries in diagnosing their education systems and identifying rooms for improvement. Using technical tools such as costing and simulation models, he supports countries in strategic policy dialogue and choice making. As part of his recent assignments, he has led sector analysis and simulation model activities in Sao Tomé-and-Principe, and was member of teams that conducted recent sector analyses for Niger, Mali, Burundi, Guinea Bissau and Benin.

As a researcher, he supports the production and diffusion of statistical and methodological tools. In recent years, he has (co) authored numerous analytical and methodological publications in the area of education finance statistics, early childhood development, household expenditure on education, etc.

Claude joined IIEP’s office in Dakar in 2012 and has since been involved in training and capacity development program covering both IIEP distance training program and on-demand training activities. Prior to joining IIEP, he worked as an economist statistician at the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) headquarters in Montreal, Canada and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


Master’s degree in development economics, Master’s degree in project management, Bachelor’s degree in economics, University of Auvergne School of Economics, Centre for Studies and Research on International Development (CERDI).


Methodological guidelines

  • National Education Accounts: Methodological guidelines. Co-author
  • Methodological guidelines for estimating household expenditure on education using household surveys, 2012, Pôle de Dakar
  • Early childhood development methodological guidelines, Volume 2, 2013

Sector analyses

  • Mali education sector analysis 2017, author of the chapter on cost and financing
  • Uganda National education accounts 2009-2014. Co-author
  • Equity and disparities issues in the Burundian education system, 2016 Education Sector Analysis
  • Enrolment, schooling patterns and internal efficiency in Burundi, 2016 Education Sector Analysis (forthcoming)
  • Early childhood development in Guinea Bissau, 2016 Education sector analysis
  • Early childhood development in Burkina Faso, 2015 Education sector analysis
  • Early childhood development in 8 west and central African countries. Co-author
  • Early childhood development in Togo, 2014 Education sector analysis
  • Education cost and financing in Benin, 2012 Education sector analysis
  • Financing secondary education in “Global Education Digest 2011”, UIS
  • Public expenditure effectiveness and MDGs in African countries. Working paper, UNECA, 2009
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