Our course on using learning data: Start planning for SDG 4 progress today

09 November 2022

As the race to 2030 continues, countries are seeking viable ways to gauge progress on Sustainable Development Goal 4 – to find out if learners are not only in school, but if they are learning foundational skills for the future. To support ministries of education on this mission, a short, online course is on offer from IIEP-UNESCO.

This eight-week long course, starting on 15 February 2023, is for staff of ministries of education, NGO and development partners staff and consultants, and planners involved in large-scale surveys that guide education policies on the quality of education.

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The course will cover three main topics:

  • Steps in educational planning and the concept of quality in education.
  • Learning assessments as approaches to monitoring learning.
  • Use of learning assessment data for policy and planning.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to analyze the quality of education and levels of equality to monitor progress of Sustainable Development Goal 4.

Interactive, practice-oriented approach

The course – in English and French – will rely on an interactive and practice-oriented learning approach. Demanding around eight hours of weekly work, participants will prepare practical exercises that allow them to directly apply the skills required.

The course will use individual study, group meetings (mostly virtual), and interaction with international planning experts and participants from other institutions and countries for experience-sharing.

The course will run between 1 March and 26 April 2023. The orientation phase will last from 15 to 18 February.

Watch our calendar

Stay tuned for more information on two additional courses on offer in 2023 – Enhancing local level capacities for school improvement planning (May –June) and Fundamentals of crisis-sensitive educational planning (June –July).