Education Sector diagnosis



The diagnosis of the education system is an indispensable activity for any ministry. It implies reviewing the foremost features of the sector including its context, access and equity, internal and external effectiveness, funding, quality, and management.

Studying the education system is not a goal in itself. The aim is to help policy-makers become fully familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the sector and to monitor the progress achieved so that they can choose the best education policy options.

Education Sector Diagnosis in Africa

The The IIEP Office for Africa supports governments of the region in the production of Country Status Report (CSR). A CSR provides a detailed diagnosis of a country’s education system, helping national decision-makers identify system strengths and weaknesses, monitor progress achieved and define the best education policy options.

CSR uses an approach inspired by economic analysis of education. As a decision-making tool, it uses a comparative perspective to guide key education policy choices. A new methodological guide was developed in 2012 by UNESCO, the World Bank and UNICEF. It serves as a sourcebook for the diagnosis.