Quality of education

If policies and plans are to improve learning outcomes, education policy-makers and planners need to understand the factors that influence learning and they need access to context-relevant knowledge.

Planning is about providing information, but also about analysis and development.

Planners need to consolidate their technical skills and develop new skills: ’closer to the action’, they will identify, analyze and interpret needs and trends. 

Planners also need to explore research issues, apply data analysis techniques, and use resources from the Internet. 

Thanks to its considerable experience in planning and monitoring educational quality, including its 20-year engagement with Southern and Eastern Africa Consortium for Monitoring Educational Quality (SACMEQ), IIEP will work with ministries as well as regional networks to develop their capacity to interpret national learning data and develop policies and plans to improve learning based on this data.

To help education planners to evaluate and improve the quality of their programme, IIEP is publishing the IIEP Learning Portal website.

The website is a public space that brings together :

  • information and evaluation of learning interventions;
  • debates;
  • implementation experiences;
  • assessment options;
  • relevant research from around the world

The website tries to answer to specific questions such as:

  • What are the policy options for improving learning outcomes? 
  • How does a Ministry of Education choose from the many tools and approaches that exist?

It provides:

  • A single entry point to comprehensive, up-to-date, relevant and neutral information on learning issues;
  • Evidence on learning issues to feed into educational policies and strategies;
  • Tools to understand technical complexities, and content analyses on learning outcomes.