Our Mission


IIEP’s vision is rooted in the understanding that education is a basic human right. No child, youth or adult should be excluded from learning opportunities that will allow him or her to live decently, access and exercise their rights, and engage in civic life. IIEP is particularly concerned with expanding quality education to provide equitable and relevant learning opportunities to all. Therefore IIEP envisages a world in which all children and youth benefit from quality learning opportunities for sustainable development and peace.

The Institute's Medium-Term Strategy (MTS) explains IIEP’s vision and strategic priorities for 2022–2025 to support the continued fulfillment of its mission: to strengthen the capacities of UNESCO Member States to plan and manage their education systems.

This includes two strategic objectives: to support the institutional capacity of Member States for effective planning and management of education sector development, and to make available and encourage the use of knowledge on educational planning and management as a global public good.