PlanED: The IIEP podcast that takes you behind the scenes of education systems

13 October 2022


IIEP-UNESCO/Makmende Media
A behind the scenes view of the filming of We Teach Here in Kenya.

Go behind the scenes of education systems worldwide. How are they planned for and managed and what can help us all create the education systems needed for a more equitable and sustainable future? IIEP specialists share the latest thinking and knowledge on educational planning and management.

Listen to our latest episode: How educational planning can help refugee learners thrive

Educational planning can help bridge the gap in access to quality education for refugee students. In this episode, IIEP-UNESCO's Alexandra Waldhorn looks at the role of planning in providing inclusive and equitable education for displaced children and youth across the globe.

Becky Telford, the Chief of Education for the UN Refugee Agency, explains how educational opportunities diminish as displaced children grow older and why an equitable distribution of resources is critical. IIEP programme specialist Thalia Seguin breaks down the different dimensions of inclusion, including the role of data. And Damarice Otieno from Kenya’s Department of Refugee Services shares not only the challenges but a path forward.

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