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13 October 2022


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A behind the scenes view of the filming of We Teach Here in Kenya.

Go behind the scenes of education systems worldwide. How are they planned for and managed and what can help us all create the education systems needed for a more equitable and sustainable future? IIEP specialists share the latest thinking and knowledge on educational planning and management.

Listen to our latest episode: Education in the face of climate change 


Education systems are not spared from the effects of climate change. Flooding and rising sea levels, droughts and famines, all impact how - and if - schools stay open, how students and teachers get to school, and how education systems continue to function.

That's why IIEP-UNESCO is now working with countries - like Liberia, Madagascar, and Jordan - to plan for climate change and to put in place measures to protect education and learning amid fast-changing climate patterns throughout the world.

In this episode, IIEP-UNESCO's Alexandra Waldhorn speaks with IIEP experts Claude Ndabananiye and Mathilde Treguier, who are working on climate change. We also hear from the Education Ministries of Liberia and Madagascar. 

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