Planning the location of schools: an instrument of educational policy

Hallak, Jacques
English, French, Spanish, Thai
250 p., illus., plans, maps
Secondary education

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About the publication

This work synthesizes 14 case studies from different countries which were undertaken as part of the 'School Map' Project. This project developed a methodology to identify and to project the spatial characteristics of an educational system so that the existing distribution of educational opportunities can be diagnosed and an educational plan designed in order to reduce disparities in the provision of educational services. A summary of the main conclusions of the investigation, found in the first four chapters, shows the various uses of school mapping when applied to educational planning. Chapter 5 deals with concrete problems connected to the school map. Chapters 6 to 10 deal with methodology and are designed as a working manual for educational planners and administrators. The problems of the implementation of plans are discussed, and some conclusions are drawn regarding the limitations of the planning process.