Adapting technology for school improvement: a global perspective

Chapman, David W.; Mählck, Lars O.
305 p.
Primary education
Secondary education

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About the publication

The application of technology to improve quality and delivery of education represents one of the most dramatic innovations in education of the past century. However, the international experience accumulated in the area has not been adequately shared. This book seeks to address this need, and takes a global focus. It explores ways in which technology is now being used in primary and secondary school instruction, analyzes the challenges faced by teachers and educational planners, and shares how these challenges are being met in different national contexts . Several major themes are explored: the role of technology in school improvement, top-down versus bottom-up approaches, interactive radio instruction in schools, computers in the classroom, technology in teacher education, adopting and implementing technology, and also 'where does it lead?' The conclusions to the book examine strategies such as the cross-national sharing of curriculum development and instructional materials, and the training and support of teachers and administrators. They also look at the need for new partnerships (public-private, central-local) to make the continued developments in technology sustainable and accessible to all.