Certification counts: recognizing the learning attainments of displaced and refugee students

Kirk, Jackie
Education in emergencies and reconstruction
236 p.

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About the publication

Uninterrupted access to quality education is critical for children and youth displaced by natural and man-made disasters and is now increasingly recognized by humanitarian and development actors, including donors. A critical challenge for education authorities and service providers is to ensure the recognition, validation and certification of their learning attainments. Learners need acceptable proof of their studies and results to continue their studies or to access labour opportunities. However, in situations of displacement, it may not be possible for students to sit the official examinations of either .home or host system. This study is one of the first critical, global analyses of certification issues for refugee and displaced students and is the result of a unique research partnership between IIEP-UNESCO, the University of Amsterdam, IRC and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It presents a broad conceptual framework in which to consider issues of certification, illustrated by in depth case studies from around the world.