Constructing an indicator system or scorecard for higher education: a practical guide

Martin, Michaela; Sauvageot, Claude
English, French
87 pages

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About the publication

In order to respond to growing demand, higher education systems are diversifying and reforming themselves. Their expansion involves a rapid transformation of institutional frameworks, educational offers, and teaching practices, but also modes of governance. In particular, in exchange for more autonomy granted to higher education institutions, public authorities are requesting these institutions to develop their own policies and engage in strategic planning, and to demonstrate the results achieved. Higher education institutions are therefore obliged to strengthen their management capacity, as well as their information systems and monitoring tools. Within this context, an indicator system is becoming an indispensable management and communication tool. What is the best way of developing an indicator system for higher education? This publication represents a useful methodological guide to help education planners realize an indicator project. It shows how to proceed by methodological steps, by establishing a clear link between the context in which an indicator system is based and its objectives.
Wednesday 15 February 2023
Wednesday 26 April 2023