Education and employment in OECD countries

McIntosh, Steven
English, French
Fundamentals of educational planning, 88
94 p.

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About the publication

The purpose of education is to prepare youth for the world of work, without adequate qualifications, they stand little or no chance of finding employment. Following a decline during the last quarter of the twentieth century, the labour market position of the low-qualified is weak. There are two reasons for this: a reduction in demand for low-qualified employment due to the emergence of new technology, and, globalization and the growth of international trade. This booklet aims to assess the impact of education on employment outcomes, using economic data. It explores the relationship between education received and labour market outcomes within OECD countries, focusing on employability. The author describes the problems faced by the low-qualified in modern OECD economies and analyzes the causes. He endeavours to initiate the process of finding a cure to the problems by giving examples of policies to be implemented, which will be of interest and use to policy-makers and educational planners.