Education reforms and teachers' unions: avenues for action

Vaillant, Denise
English, French
Fundamentals of educational planning, 82
97 p.

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About the publication

This booklet looks at the situation of teachers' unions in Latin America and their role in the implementation of recent education reforms. It highlights the importance of collaboration between policy-makers and unions and makes relevant recommendations. While significant progress has been made in terms of educational coverage, ensuring the quality of the education imparted remains a priority, and depends largely on teachers - more particularly on their knowledge, methods, and motivation. A major concern of planners, managers and decision-makers is to establish a better understanding of teachers' unions and to work with them as closely as possible. The booklet describes how teachers' unions in Latin America operate and discusses their foremost preoccupations, as well as presenting some strategies to appease conflicts and potential solutions to current problems.