Education, work and employment

Hallak, Jacques; Caillods, Françoise; Carnoy, Martin; Levin, Henry m.
English, French
2 v., maps
92-803-1083-6(v.1 eng); 92-803-1084-4(v.2 eng); 92-803-2083-1(v.1 fre); 92-803-2084-X(v.2 fre)

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About the publication

Volume I contains 4 studies on employer personnel policies, their recruitment procedures and the role of education and training as criteria for recruitment. The first two studies analyse manpower demands of firms: the first deals with the urban centre of Panama and covers all sectors of activity, the second covers a selection of activity sectors in Jakarta and Padang. The third study, focussed on the public sector in Kenya (in particular the teaching profession), discusses what motivates educational reform. The fourth study examines personnel policies and training for metallurgical workers in a small area of the South of France. Volume II contains 3 studies on the relationship between education and production. Martin Carnoy analyses the segmentation of the labour market in Singapore, Brazil, Peru, Mexico and the Cameroon, and its implications for educational planning. H. Levin discusses how technological change affects educational reform and planning. Kenneth King deals with self-employment and shows how: basic school + basic skills + community = self-employment, and how school + skills + credit = entrepreneurial self-employment.