Educational planning and social change: report on an IIEP seminar

Weiler, Hans N.
English, French
211 p., illus.

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About the publication

Some of the assumptions on which earlier models and approaches in educational planning were predicated have turned out to be over-simplistic, limited, or altogether not appropriate for the complex nature of the development process in many developed and, especially, underdeveloped societies. Recognizing these problems, the IIEP brought together a number of researchers, policy-makers, and planners from all parts of the world for a week of reflection and discussion on the past, present, and future of educational planning. This volume is a synthesis of the main results of this international forum, and it attempts to delineate the tasks for educational planning in the coming years. Chapters contain the texts of five background papers, with comments by IIEP staff members, the edited versions of the reports of the three working groups, and a synthesis of the seminar discussions divided into five broad topics that reflect the convergence of discussion. The last chapter reviews some of the observations made at the seminar on research and training needs in educational planning. A paper, "Schooling and Future Society" by Johan Galtung, is included as an appendix. (from ERIC data base).