The Effects of internal quality assurance: how to make IQA more effective for quality enhancement

Martin, Michaela
English, French
IIEP policy brief: IQA and higher education, 2

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About the publication

Quality assurance (QA) is a common practice in higher education worldwide. Yet the literature on internal quality assurance (IQA) pays little attention to measuring the effectiveness of QA systems. IQA can produce significant results within Higher Education Institutions (HEIs); in particular, it can improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning, increase employability, and enhance management. IIEP's research used university case studies to analyse how different IQA practices condition IQA's effectiveness in HEIs in eight countries. Unique to this research is its methodology, which includes multiple stakeholders and quantitative surveys. Drawing from the research data, this brief discusses the effects of IQA tools on teaching and learning, employability, and management. It draws conclusions on which practices allow IQA tools to be more effective.