Experience sharing workshop for more effective management of teacher allocation, Dakar, 11-13 July 2016: workshop report

English, French
43 p.

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The Main Goals of the Workshop-Inform about the need and relevance of paying particular attention to the teacher allocation issue (beyond the usual aspects of recruitment and training), with a view to improving the equity and efficiency of teacher management;-Share country experiences and question teacher deployment/allocation systems/mechanisms, highlighting strengths and weaknesses;-Exchange and capitalize on good practices and innovative tools for a better management of teacher allocations, considering national contexts; and -Disseminate innovative practices and tools to contribute to the development and enrichment of common “public goods.” The workshop focused mainly on the management of teacher allocations; however, the teacher issue being central to education in general and to the quality of learning in particular, discussions broadened to encompass several issues in order to reach interrelated perspectives of a set of processes and parameters related to the topic.