Forecasting skilled-manpower needs: the experience of eleven countries

Youdi, R. Vesituluta; Hinchliffe, Keith
259 p., illus.

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About the publication

This volume contains the results of an IIEP research project on manpower forecasting. It is one of several studies undertaken in a broader research programme aimed at studying the relationship between the educational system, the world of work and the labour market. Eleven of the papers produced for this project are presented in the present volume. They describe skilled-manpower forecasting activities in 4 market-economy industrialized countries (France, the Federal Republic of Germany, the United Kingdom and the U.S.A.), 3 centrally planned socialist countries (Hungary, Poland and the USSR), and 4 developing countries (Egypt, India, the Ivory Coast and Tanzania). Existing methodology for forecasting occupational/educational structures and evaluating past manpower forecasts are presented and results of major previous evaluations discussed. The results show that past inaccuracies of manpower forecasting suggest a need to move away from a single-planning methodology and to improve the types of information and analysis on which employment and educational policies are based. Through this collection of case studies and introductory document, the editors aim at providing educational and manpower planners with new perspectives and attitudes towards manpower forecasting.