The Future of education and the education of the future: final report and documents of an IIEP seminar

Avakov, R.M.
English, Arabic, French
369 p.

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About the publication

The purpose of the seminar reported on in this document was to examine educational problems in the light of socioeconomic development for educational planning. As an international inquiry nto observed and foreseeable educational trends, the seminar was also meant to compare the views of a variety of schools of thought and branches of learning. Part 1 of the report comprises a lengthy summary of the seminar's discussions on three topics: the place of education in development projections to the year 2000, world trends in school enrolment and the long-term prospects for educational development, and trends in the relationship between education and employment. Parts 2-4 present 19 of the 37 background papers prepared for the seminar. In Part 2, seven papers discuss the nature of education in the future. Seven papers in Part 3 analyze models of long-term educational and economic development. The remaining five papers in Part 4 examine economic and social consequences of educational development. Four appendices provide the seminar program and lists of the seminar participants and of the 37 papers prepared for the seminar (from ERIC database)