Higher education and employment in the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen

Sanyal, Bikas C.; Yaici, Lahcène
IIEP Research Report, 50
146 p.
Tertiary education
Tertiary education

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The PDR of Yemen has experienced a rapid growth in education over the last decade, priority has been given to higher education. The policy behind is reflected in the strategy so far implemented which focuses upon full employment, elimination of income disparity, as well as structural change in society. PDR of Yemen has conducted many reforms, the objectives of which include satisfying the basic needs of the population, developing the production capacity of the economy, raising educational standards and increasing exports of domestic products. Consequently, the economic and social progress achieved so far, as welle as the problems the country is still facing, are emphasized upon in the study, and higher education has been analysed in this respect. Starting with an overall view of the socio-economic set up of the country, the study has attempted to assaaa the relationship prevailing betweenhigher education and the worlkd of work. In addition to employers, students and graduates were investigated concerning their attitudes and opinions towards the qualitative aspects related to the functionary of the world of work and its linkage with the system of higher education. The study has also looked at the limitations of internal efforts of the country, both in terms of financial and human resources.