Higher education and the New International Order: a collection of papers

Sanyal, Bikas C.
Arabic, English, French
Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States
242 p.
Tertiary education

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This book gathers different viewpoints on how the system of higher education in a country could contribute to the establishment of a New International Order. Malcolm Adiseshiah identifies the shortcomings of the present system of higher education. Theodore W. Schultz identifies the relationship between a country's development and its investment in health and education. Jan Tinbergen emphasizes the need for stronger co-operation among the Third World countries in the field of higher education. Bogdan Suchodolski foresees the evolution of the new international order in its increasing relation with a new cultural order. Edmundo F. Fuenzalida specifies the problem of subordination of higher education and scientific research to the aims of the developed countries. Samir Amin warns the developing countries to be aware of the pitfalls and possible "westernization" of the social system. Jean-Louis Reiffers identifies the distortion of the French higher education system.