ICT in education around the world: trends, problems and prospects

Pelgrum, Willem J.; Law, Nancy
English, French
Fundamentals of educational planning, 77
133 p.
978-92-803-1244-7; 92-803-1244-8; 978-92-803-1244-7; 978-92-803-2244-6; 978-92-803-2244-6

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About the publication

In a world moving forward into an age evermore dominated by technology, the need to educate people - particularly young people and the teachers who teach them - in ICT is becoming increasingly pressing. Not only should young people be trained in information technology to enhance their future career prospects, but also - as argued in this booklet - information and communication technologies can play a major role in education itself, providing newer and more efficient means of teaching. These include distance education, and the facilitation of teaching methods in educational institutions themselves. At the beginning of the 21st century, no education system can afford to overlook the issue of developing an appropriate ICT-in-education policy and implementation strategies at a national system level. As this booklet clearly demonstrates, introducing ICT into an education system is a lengthy and complex process, requiring changes to the system itself, including leadership and organizational structure, infrastructure and curriculum materials, practices and beliefs.