Integrating the planning of education and technology

Gonod, Pierre F.
English, French
IIEP Research Report, 42
124 p.

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About the publication

To clarify the relationships among education, employment, and technological research, this study constructs a planning model based on these areas' components fields and their complex interrelationships. The purpose of education, is determined on the basis of the objectives chosen for the system at all levels, The movement towards more specialization, moreover, is characterized as preventing the formation of unified models of knowledge and fragmenting administrative organization in education. The system of technological production and dissemination is then analyzed in several aspects: its relation to scientific information, its transferring of information among sectors of society and between nations, and its administrative layers. The author sees the integration of technologies as a contribution to the growth of a technological culture and gives attention to developing countries' problems with the regulation and structure of spreading technologies. Concentrating finally on the central role of employment in bringing together systems of education and technology, the study concludes with projections for research into the relationships of the systems in the next century (from ERIC database).