Internal quality assurance and management: how to close the loop between evidence and decision-making

Martin, Michaela
English, French
IIEP policy brief: IQA and higher education, 3

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About the publication

In many countries, internal quality assurance (IQA) of higher education focuses predominantly on teaching and learning. However, it can also support the assessment and improvement of university management. Indeed, management effectiveness is an important element underlying the quality of core higher education activities (i.e. teaching, research, and services). There are specific IQA tools to improve university management, and all IQA tools support management through feeding evidence into decision-making, to support strategic planning. University case studies from research on IQA conducted by the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) analysed existing IQA practices and factors that condition the effectiveness of IQA in higher education institutions (HEIs) in eight countries. Drawing from the research data, this brief explores how IQA can integrate management concerns and contribute to an institutional quality culture. It also presents strategies for universities to enhance IQA tools and processes.