Literacy for all: making a difference

Lind, Agneta
English, French
Fundamentals of educational planning, 89
147 p.

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Literacy is a human and democratic right and a basic learning need, it is critical in achieving the EFA and the Millennium Development Goals. The crucial question is how can we create literate societies in a world where, in some places, education is only accessible to the rich? This booklet reviews the meanings of literacy and related concepts within the context of lifelong learning. It analyzes policies and strategies required to improve national literacy rates and develop adult literacy programmes (including youths aged 15 and above). The author demonstrates that a combination of factors has contributed to slowing the progress in meeting national and international literacy commitments. Lessons learned over the past decades show that to achieve universal literacy, there is a need for further investment, greater political will, sustainable institutional approaches, and a more creative and holistic methodology.
Wednesday 15 February 2023
Wednesday 26 April 2023