Modernizing education management with EMIS: building back stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic

Bin Mahfooz, Sara; Chang, Gwang-Chol; Chapelet, Pierre; Horn, Mauricio; Nippes, Stefan; Norrmén-Smith, Juliette; Yano, Satoko
English, Portuguese, Spanish
Foro Regional de Políticas Educativas, 5

Online version

About the publication

This paper draws from the working paper, “Re-imagining the future of Education Management Information Systems” drafted by the Section of Education Policy in the Division for Policies and Lifelong Learning Systems: Satoko Yano, Sara Bin Mahfooz, Juliette Norrmén-Smith, Pierre Chapelet, under the guidance of Gwang-Chol Chang. The working paper was written as a product of UNESCO’s 2021 International Seminar on EMIS, and accordingly, it benefitted from the contributions and inputs of the seminar’s speakers and participants. UNESCO acknowledges the valuable contributions of its EMIS taskforce members: Shailendra Sigdel (UNESCO-UIS), Jean-Claude Ndabananiye and Amelie Gagnon (UNESCO-IIEP), Francesca Pinna (EME), Alejandro Vera Mohorade (OREALC/UNESCO Santiago), Denis Kapelyushnik and Svetlana Knyazeva (UNESCO-IITE), and Nicolas Jonas (UNESCO-UIL). We would also like to thank a member of UNESCO’s EMIS Community of Practice, Jon Kapp (CSF), for his insightful inputs and feedback on the draft of this Working Paper. Finally, we are grateful to Paula Razquin (UNESCO-EDP) for her insights and guidance throughout the development of this paper.