Monitoring and evaluation: how will we know what we have done?

Bethke, Lynne; Bird, Lyndsay; MacEwen, Leonora; Sigsgaard, Morten
Arabic, English, French
UNESCO International Bureau of Education
Education Above All (Qatar)
Safety, resilience and social cohesion: a guide for education sector planners. Booklet, 6
40 p.

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About the publication

Why is monitoring important? How we do we ensure that the data collected is analyzed and used? How can monitoring and evaluation be best applied to make sure that the issues of safety, resilience and social cohesion (discussed in the previous Booklets 1-5) are actually addressed? These are some of the questions discussed in this booklet. Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is essential for knowing whether an education sector plan actually being implemented or not. Collecting, monitoring, analysing and evaluating information helps ministries of education (MoEs) learn lessons for policy and planning in the future. M&E helps identifying obstacles as well as possible changes in the way programmes are being implemented. The indicators that track progress need to be relevant, and adapted to monitoring levels of safety, resilience and social cohesion within the education system.