Open school data: what planners need to know

Poisson, Muriel
English, French
Ethics and corruption in education

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About the publication

The number of countries providing the general public with access to educational data has grown rapidly over the past decade, encouraged by new information technologies and citizens’ growing pressure for more transparency. But while an increased amount of school-level information is shared in either paper or electronic format, several questions emerge: What are the most critical data to publish? What format is most likely to encourage communities to make use of them? How can we foster the active engagement of citizens? What actions are required to close the accountability loop? What are the major risks attached to the opening up of information? This publication responds to these questions, unpacking the chain of actions required for developing open school data successfully. It argues that decision-makers and educational planners need to change from an administrative to a citizen perspective, learning from civil society experience in the area. Overall, the book demonstrates that by stimulating expectations and hopes, open school data may well contribute to substantial changes in power dynamics within the education sector.