Overview: incorporating safety, resilience, and social cohesion in education sector planning

Bethke, Lynne; Bird, Lyndsay; MacEwen, Leonora; Sigsgaard, Morten
Arabic, English, French
UNESCO International Bureau of Education
Education Above All (Qatar)
Safety, resilience and social cohesion: a guide for education sector planners. Booklet, 1
32 p.

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About the publication

This is the first of a series of six planning booklets. It provides the context and background, the rationale as well as an overview of the phases of education sector planning. Each of the subsequent booklets provides in-depth information about each of the different phases of the planning process. Incorporating resilience and social cohesion in education sector plans cannot wait and therefore can be done at any time - not only at the start of a medium-term sector planning process. The first step of addressing safety, resilience and social cohesion is to examine how potential disasters and/or conflict may impact the education system. Once risks have been identified education ministries can determine their priorities related to safety, resilience and social cohesion. This is important for education sector planning in all countries regardless of income level because of the: Direct impact of climate change, Direct impact of conflict and civil unrest, Likelihood of refugees and displacement caused by climate change and conflict, whether these are internal to the country or because of events in a neighbouring country.